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When it comes to your hearing aids, EPIC gives you choice and savings. And with the latest technology such as recharging capabilities, connection to two Bluetooth devices, tap control remote adjustments, smartphone app and more, you'll be able to find the hearing aids you need so you can hear what you have been missing and feel more connected to your world.

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Name-brand hearing aids

Choose your hearing aid. Choose your follow-up care and accessories too.

With access to professional, nationwide support and the accessories you need, you can stay connected and get the most from your hearing aids.

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Hearing follow-up care

Get the support and follow-up care you need for your hearing aids through virtual video appointments or in-person visits — the choice is yours.
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Batteries and accessories

Choose from many hearing aid accessories for optimal listening. Plus, order batteries, charging cases, tubes, tips and all the supplies you need.



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