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Get great tips for hearing aid users

  1. Wear your hearing aids as much as possible. It may take a few weeks before you are completely comfortable with them and can fully enjoy the benefits.
  2. To improve hearing in a noisy environment, wear two hearing aids, directly face and move closer to the sounds you are trying to hear.
  3. Avoid repair costs by keeping your hearing aids clean, dry and free from ear wax.
  4. Wax can cause whistling.

    • See your doctor to have ear wax removed, or ask if you can use an over-the-counter wax removal kit.
    • Regularly clean any ear tubes and tips, power domes or ear molds your hearing aids may have.
    • If your hearing aids come with wax guards, be sure to change regularly. A tiny screen prevents wax from entering the hearing aid; if broken, the screen allows wax to enter and damages the hearing aid

  5. Hearing aids need to stay DRY.

    • Open battery door overnight.
    • Wipe the battery door dry when replacing your battery.
    • Do not leave your hearing aids in the bathroom.
    • Use hearing aid drying capsules.
    • Dry hair and hands before wearing hearing aids.
    • When sweating, avoid wearing hearing aids.

  6. If your hearing aid does not seem to be working, remove the ear tube or ear hook. Does the hearing aid whistle when you hold it in your hand?
  7. If the hearing aid whistles: The aid is working, and the problem is in the ear tube or the ear mold. It just takes a smidgen of wax to plug up the tube.
    • Ear tubes: Clean the ear tube with the cleaning wire. Pull the wire all the way through the tube.
      If there are kinks or cracks, replace your tube & tip with the supplemental tube & tip that was supplied with your order, or call 1-866-956-5400, TTY 711 to place an order for new tubes & tips.
    • Ear molds: Clean the tip out with the cleaning tool (wax loop).

    If the hearing aid does not whistle: Put a new battery in the hearing aid. Remove the tab from the battery and allow the battery to be exposed to the air for one full minute before closing the battery door. If that does not work, call customer service for additional troubleshooting.

New to hearing aids?

If you are new to hearing aids you may find that your voice sounds different.
  • Why does my voice sound booming?
    There is a phenomenon called the occlusion effect, which is the change you hear in your voice when your ears are plugged, making your voice sound booming. People may notice it when they begin to wear hearing aids, change to new ones, or make the transition from one to two hearing aids.

    Why does my voice sound sharp?
    Most people with hearing loss lose their ability to hear high-pitched sounds first. When hearing aids restore some of these sounds to enhance speech understanding, it is not unusual to notice some sharpness. If the sharpness is bothersome to you, simply reduce the volume. Many people find that with continued use of their hearing aids they no longer notice these effects within a few weeks, and can increase volume over time.